Urban Mix Zoning District

This new zoning district, developed by the Brewery District in conjunction with the City Department of Community Development and Planning, will allow the unique, centuries old industrial buildings in Over-the-Rhine to be redeveloped to their fullest potential.  This zoning district acknowledges the importance of the existing manufacturing base but still encourage economic development and also allowing new housing to be developed.  This was the first citizen created zoning district in the city’s history, and was implemented in Over-the-Rhine and is being investigated for other city neighborhoods.

Cincinnati Municipal Code - Chapter 1410

The general purposes of Urban Mix district are to:

  • Provide a balance of uses and amenities fostering a vital economic, livable and cultural area and enhance its urban, aesthetic qualities.
  • Protect and enhance historic, cultural, economic and architectural resources.
  • Preserve, create and enhance pedestrian-oriented streets to encourage retail, entertainment, residential and office vitality and improve the quality of life for district residents, visitors and workers.
  • Provide quality public spaces, such as urban street corridors, by maintaining the physical continuity of the street edge created by buildings.
  • Bring most daily activities within walking distance, giving the elderly, young and disabled increased independence of movement.
  • Reduce the number of automobile trips; minimize congestion, consumption of resources and air and noise pollution.